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We do not accept just any property. We only accept properties we are 100% certain that we can get you out of. This process allows us to guarantee your timeshare exit.

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We don’t have a single negative review on the internet or elsewhere. That’s because our service is guaranteed.

*We do not accept just any property. We only accept properties we are 100% certain that we get you out of. 

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Don’t pay thousands over what it actually cost.


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Most companies want 12-18 months…We average180 days.

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Yes! Even accredited with the Better Business Bureau®.

*All reviews can be found on Google.com,  Yelp.com or The Better Business Bureau 

Andrew Miller

Timeshare Help Source and Charles Hearn enabled us to eliminate our timeshare for less than half what the attorney originally sought.

Brian Rothenburger

Recently worked with Charles and his associates to divest ourselves of two timeshare properties, and couldn’t have been more pleased with the process!

Dean Schmid

Charles Hearn promised to get rid of my timeshare within six months and it was gone within three. Very little paperwork for me to do on my part. 

Delores Barlow

Timeshare Help Source is a reputable company, honest, trustworthy and hold to their commitments. Charles Hearn has been a blessing in my life .

Brian Neel

Thank you I am now free of all of the Time Share rip offs. It took some time and patients but Timeshare Help got it done at half the price I was expecting.

Lisa Lewis

Charles was very professional . He made sure everything went smoothly for us ! I highly recommend. 
Our frequently asked questioned are answered below
How long does the process take?
Timeshare Help Source guarantees that we will have you out of your ownership within 180 days. Most cases typically take anywhere from three to four months to complete. 
Do I have to physically come to your office?
No. You’re welcome to use our services without physically coming to our office location. Mailing & emailing documents works!
Does THS use quitclaim deeds?
No. When using services of THS & it’s vendors, you’ll be issued a warranty deed. This type of deed protects all parties involved in the exit process. Keeping everything nice, clean, and honest.
What if you don't get me out of my timeshare?
If Timeshare Help Source or our partners are at fault for failing to get you out of your timeshare, Timeshare Help Source will refund 100% of your money back. *We do verify each ownership before accepting a client to prevent this from happening. 
Does Timeshare Help Source price match?
Yes. However, you will need to provide proof of another legitimate company offering the same service for a lesser price. Nine times out of ten, this will not happen because we’re usually the one offering the best price.
Do I have to pay money upfront?
Yes. Because THS is not trying to sell your timeshare for you, it cost money to get you out of the ownership. Funds from our clients will be used to make the exit process possible. However, you’re welcome to use our financing option.
How can I pay?
You’re also welcome to use our financing option that starts out at 0% interest for 12 months (with approved credit) if you’d like. Otherwise, you can always write a check, use a debit/credit card, money order, or wire transfer. 
Do you offer discounts?
Yes! Timeshare Help Source respects & appreciates everyone. However, we love to show expressed gratitude to our Military Service Members & Public Helpers. If you’re in (or have been in) the U.S. Military, are a teacher/professor, fire fighter or first responder, please, let us know for a 5-10% discount!

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