Ohhhhhhh yes…we did. To be honest, we’d never done it before but this client was one of our first and she really needed help. Another company she’d recently called told her it would be $8,000+ just to get her out of her already paid off timeshare. She only had one year of maintenance fees that were owed!!

When she starting looking around on the internet for a company that would actually treat her fairly, she found Timeshare Help Source. Not only were we very apologetic for how the other company treated her when she didn’t want to buy, we actually found out that she needed more help than most would offer…

Her maintenance fees were behind and she didn’t have enough money to catch them up by herself. Let alone pay a hefty asking price on top of that.

We didn’t just want to help her out of her timeshare, we also wanted to help her out of those late maintenance fees. So, we wrote the check.

Yes, that’s right. We promised the client we would help and we did. We paid half of the back maintenance fees for her and couldn’t have been more happy doing it.

We can’t do this for every client but our name isn’t Timeshare Help Source for no reason. We’re here to help.

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